During the Retro-Spielen event on April 17th, we finally announced which piece I will arrange and remix for Matt Gray’s Reformation project which was successfully Kickstarted last year.

For this project I will arrange a medley of Last Ninja 2, and I am aiming at including all the fan favorite tracks and putting my own style on this already fantastic score that Matt composed back for the C64. Work is already well underway, and I am extremely excited to hear all the feedback once the project is finished!

Reformation is a project which will see Matt rearrange and remaster all of his most famous compositions from the C64 era, and giving them a modern makeover. As honored as I was to be invited to participate and arrange one of Matt’s scores, I was equally touched and honored to hear that in return of my arrangement of Last Ninja 2, Matt will be doing a special remix of Shades!

For more information on Reformation, hit up Matt Gray on Facebook or Twitter, and follow us on Retro-Spielen for classic gaming “Let’s Play” every Friday night.

Chris Huelsbeck to arrange Last Ninja 2 for Reformation
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