Did you know that you can split the track list in the main Cubase Arrange Window into 2 horizontal sections? There is a small icon directly left of the timeline that can enable/disable this feature (shown in the screenshot below in the yellow circle).
I use it to place certain tracks in the upper part like a Video track for example (or a Marker track, Time signature track, Tempo track etc.). That way, I can keep them always visible while scrolling through my midi and audio tracks in the lower half.

I usually also move the VSTi and Effect tracks in there,¬† but below the tracks I always want to see – then just drag the divider (green area in screenshot) to your desired position to hide the tracks you don’t need to see.

To move tracks between the 2 sections, select “Toggle Track List” from the track context menu (red area in screenshot).

CubaseTrick2 CubaseTrick2

Cubase Trick #2: Divide the track list…
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