Armin was a veteran of the games industry and my collegue and friend back in the day at Rainbow Arts, the first serious game developer in Germany. We worked on several titles together and one of them was the very well known Giana Sisters game. We became friends during that time and he was always a fun guy to hang around (he also loved the Pet Shop Boys, despite being more of a 70s Rock Dude). After Rainbow Arts we lost contact for many years and I just reconnected a few years back with a bunch of phone calls. We had planned to get together and I also invited him to my concert, but unfortunately he couldn't make it, so I never shook hands with him again since Rainbow Arts. Armin was only 46 years old and leaves a family with children and a 40+ members company behind. My thoughts are with them and his friends. From the coverage on the internet you can see what an impact he had on the industry and the fans. He will be sorely missed… gessert

Giana Sisters Co-Creator Armin Gessert passed away :(
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  • KKnot

    Im sorry. Its hard to lose a friend

  • info

    Hi Chris, i just start to read your weblog and first of all i found this sad entry.I wish for his family power and that they keep him in memory. Also to you – as friend of him – i send you my condolences.

  • Dominique Bongard

    I just discovered your blog and this sad news.I still remember the A + R + M + I + N cheat code of Gianna Sisters on the C64 after all those years :(