Chris Huelsbeck is back! After his successful “Turrican Soundtrack Anthology” he now returns with a new ambitious project:

“The Piano Collection” is the very first biographical piano sheet music collection and album of a game composer in the history of video game music. It contains never-before published autobiographical material about Chris.

Read about the inspirations behind his compositions, how he started making music in his childhood, and his musical path that included inventing his own music technology that brought him on top of the C64, Amiga and many game audio productions (for all of which he ultimately received a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Game Audio Network Guild).

“The Piano Collection” will be arranged and played by Patrick Nevian, an exceptional performer who already released two successful Amiga Piano Albums.

The Sheet Music of this book will be transcribed by Filipp Issa and Michael Stoeckemann from “Sound of Games”, whose game music productions are heard by more than 50 Million gamers every month, and who worked with Chris on several projects over the years.

The first edition of the Score Book will be strictly limited to 500 copies and individually numbered and signed, as well as the CD. Fans can back the project beginning on November 30th on Kickstarter.

Read more info on the project page:


Introducing: The Piano Collection“ Album & Score Book
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