My favorite keyboard shortcut in the main arrange window is “p”, which sets the left/right locators (cycle) to the current selection. No more fiddling around in the timeline, just select one or a few parts that you want to cycle and press “p” (if you don’t have a part yet, just create one with the pencil tool).
Also, my second favorite keyboard shortcut is “l” (lower case “L”), which locates (the play position) to the beginning of a selection. It’s very easy to hop around in an arrangement that way.

My number one Cubase keyboard shortcut
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  • AlbertoG

    I do just the same (P L), together with ALT+SPACE, which plays what is currently selected, in any screen of Cubase. I use it a lot to audit the fragments I’m working on.Thanks for the tips, Chris :)Cheers

  • Ben

    Hi Chris,thank you for your tips and tricks.The most time i use DAW-Controlls of my m-audio axiom for this. To set the locators in your way is for more common for me now.

  • ramseysounds

    excellent tip. the amount of time I’ve wasted clicking on the timeline arrows and dragging. such a cool tip. cheers mate :-)

  • Toby Royce

    I’ve been using these shortcuts too.

    I’m trying to figure out how to jump to the end of a part rather than the start.. Any ideas?

  • Daen Day-in Olson

    YES! “L” so fantastic.

  • Peter van den Berg

    super thanks a lot