After Symphonic Shades, I didn't think it would happen so fast again that my music would be performed by a large orchestra, but here we are: The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra will perform a new concert called "Sinfonia Drammatica" in Stockholm, Sweden on August 4th. The concert will combine performances from Symphonic Shades with music from "drammatica -The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura-". I feel very honored, because I am a big fan of Shimomura's work myself.

Here are links to the official announcement (in Swedish) and the news on the Symphonic Shades website (in German).

There is also an exclusive interview on the well known "Square Enix Music Online" website with conductor Arnie Roth, who also conducted the Symphonic Shades concerts.

New concert announced, this time in Stockholm! :)
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  • Chris Huelsbeck

    My first comment! Thanks :)

  • Appiani

    See you there! 😉

  • Appiani
  • Flo

    Interesting to see that there will be a new concert, the german one was nice. :) Unfortunately it is to far for me from Germany.