New project: ‘Star Trek – Infinite Space’

We are proud to announce that we are composing and producing the music for the brand new game ‘Star Trek – Infinite Space’, published by ‘Gameforge’ and developed by ‘keen games’.  Below is the original press release, and more information can be found on the official site.

Star Trek - Infinite Space - Federation Ships

KARLSRUHE, Germany – February 17th, 2011, Europe’s leading publisher of online games, has announced today that the music legend Chris Hülsbeck will create the score for the browser based free-to-play game Star Trek – Infinite Space™ set in the Deep Space Nine timeline, which is set to be released in the summer of 2011.

The renowned computer game music composer became famous with his soundtracks for milestone games such as Turrican 2 and The Great Giana Sisters. Today, he can look back on 25 years’ experience in the computer games industry. In 2008, the Cologne based WDR Radio Orchestra performed ‘Symphonic Shades’, a classical re-interpretation in honour of his music. Hülsbeck marked the 8-bit era as one of its outstanding musicians and stands as an example for many of today’s DJs.

“This commission is a great honor, to work on a Star Trek product was a dream that has now come true,” Hülsbeck explains.

Ralf Adam, Gameforge’s Executive Producer, adds: “We are all very proud of being able to enlist such an outstanding artist. Chris Hülsbeck has decisively influenced a whole generation of computer games.”

A first taste of the soundtrack can be downloaded free from the website on the new extended media page at When the game is released in the summer of 2011, the entire soundtrack will be available as a free download – in line with the free-to-play-tradition.

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3 Responses to “New project: ‘Star Trek – Infinite Space’”

  1. SaRaHk Says:

    Can`t wait to listen to the full Score. How long do we have to wait?

  2. Chris Huelsbeck Says:

    The game should be live pretty soon and the music will be available on it’s own in some form some time after, I’m sure… :)

  3. Gerry Says:

    “Hellbreed und Mythos werden eingestellt, Star Trek – Infinite Space könnte folgen: Gameforge bereinigt sein Produktportfolio, entlässt Mitarbeiter und will durch eine Neustrukturierung wieder erfolgreicher werden.” (

    Ich hoffe, Star Trek – Infinite Space, und somit auch Deine Musik, werden noch veröffentlicht. Hoffen wir das Beste…

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