Piano sheet music now available!

Big news! :) I’m collaborating on a Piano Album to be released some time soon, featuring some of the best know music pieces from my career. Along with it (and as requested by many fans over the years), I will release the sheet music of all the music from the Album in 2 editions; for beginner and intermediate players. The first of those pieces (Giana Sisters) including excerpts of the arrangement and performance by Patrick Nevian is now available in both editions here:


Thanks also to Michael Stoeckemann (Sound of Games) for the score preparation!

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6 Responses to “Piano sheet music now available!”

  1. Chris Hülsbeck kündigt Piano-Projekt und Notenblätter an | VGM Lounge Says:

    [...] gestern gibt es die Neuigkeit auch auf der offiziellen Webseite von Chris Hülsbeck nachzulesen falls wer meinen Informationen nicht trauen möchte. [...]

  2. T_U Says:

    Yes ! Amazing news ! Please please consider releasing the Turrican 2 soundtrack ;-) (not just the title music of course ;-)

    I would buy it for 100€ ;)

  3. Pete Says:

    hi chris,

    i have bought and practiced the giana sisters beginner notation with great passion and fun. i think its beautifully arranged and it tought me some important things in general piano playing.

    i hope you will be release more sheet music in the (near) future.

  4. Janitor Says:


    Thanks for sharing this awesome piece of art. I have bought both beginner and intermediate edition. But i would really like to hear the whole intermediate edition, not just half of it which is in the preview. Would i be psible to publish the whole piece?

    Br, Jani

  5. Admin Says:

    A whole album (the preview piece was just an excerpt) and more sheet music is planned, but it will probably take another year to finish.

  6. Frank Says:

    Hi Chris! Ich habe gerade nach Great Bath gesucht (und anderen der Turrican Anthology). Danke dass Du Giana veroeffentlicht hast! Weiter so ;) VielecGruesse, Frank

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