Subsolar Soundtrack EP released!

It’s time for another Soundtrack EP, this time for the Subsolar iPhone/iPad Game by Tenshi Noir that came out earlier this year. It contains all the music pieces from the game and an additional remix medley as well as a cool bonus piece by our friends “Relation Sound Composing Team” from Switzerland. Thanks also to Manus Buchart for the guitar recording and Tenshi Noir / Flowermilk for the awesome cover artwork!

1 Subsolar Menu Theme 2:14
2 Subsolar Mission 2:33
3 Subsolar Survival 3:16
4 Subsolar Victory 0:50
5 Subsolar (RSCT Medley Remix) 6:00
6 Under Direction (RSCT Bonus Mix) 4:52

You can get it on Amazon and many other online music sites: (USA) (Germany)

iTunes: (USA) (Germany)

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3 Responses to “Subsolar Soundtrack EP released!”

  1. Andy Says:

    Finally, I’d waited for this! Because I found no time to record it myself like ZombieSmash ;P

  2. Chris Huelsbeck Says:

    Cool… also, the Soundtrack EPs are in a higher audio quality than the pieces in the actual games, because of memory constrains (the compression bitrate within the games is usually around 96kbit)! And not to mention the cool remixes and extended versions… ;)

  3. Andy Says:

    That’s why I also bought the ZombieSmash EP the day it was released – and of course anything you ever made… but you should know that, looking at my e-mail address and remembering a fan-made gift, I gave you 21 years (<= hint) after your career started ;)

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