Don Kotowski from the well known game music site "Square Enix Music Online" has reviewed my Number Nine Album and gave it 10 out of 10… I couldn't be more happy, specially this came kind of out of the blue! :)
From the review: "While I can't say that I'm extremely familiar with the music of Chris Hülsbeck, I went out of my way to get this album due to the preview featured on his website. Having first been truly introduced to his music through the marvelously arranged Symphonic Shades album, I felt it was part of my duty to explore more artists to get an original album of music that featured a different side than what I had heard. I am extremely glad that I did. This album features some exquisitely produced electronic music that manages to incorporate a variety of moods and cultures. Although I didn't mention every track on the album, they are all very much worth the listen."

If you like to read the full review, follow this link.

Number Nine Album reviewed at Square Enix Music Online
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