Very exciting news: The upcoming release of R-Type for the iPhone features a new theme music by Chris for the title screen. Published by EA Mobile, developed/ported by DotEmu, the arcade classic by Irem is a delightful conversion for the iPhone/iPod Touch. One of the developers at DotEmu remembered Chris's theme music pieces for the C64 and Amiga versions and suggested contacting Chris Huelsbeck Productions. The music has a deliberate retro feel with some hints of the older melodies, but with modern production elements – it really kicks butt just like R-Type strikes the evil Bydo empire! :)
Here are some screen shots:

R-Type iPhone has new theme music by Chris Huelsbeck
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  • Markus Schneider

    Chris,ich hoffe, ich hre da irgendwo die Titel Musik vom Amiga R-Type, wenn ich das vom Apple Store lade :-)GruMarkus

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  • swtorcredits

    it is really exciting news. the screen is nice

  • Lauri

    Hi Chris,Is it possible to hear this music somewhere? I don’t have access to iPhone unfortunately.// Lauri

  • Chris Huelsbeck

    It also works on iPod Touch and iPad. I’m also sure there will be coverage on the net, maybe some youtube videos will pop up and ultimately I’m planning to release another mini album on iTunes / Amazon with my music pieces from R-Type C64, Amiga, iPhone and arranged / extended versions some time in the future. -Chris :)

  • unknown

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  • Sarah Kreuz

    Wre schn gewesen, wenn man hier auf deiner Seite wenigstens einen kurzen ausschnitt davon htte hren knnen. :(Denk` da doch zuknftig mal dranne, damit wir hier nicht ganz so auf dem trockenen sind. ;)LG, Sarah

  • Chris Huelsbeck

    Ja, das Problem ist, dass das iPhone Theme sowieso nur sehr kurz war und ich derweil schon an einer langen Version gearbeitet habe, die jetzt gerade auf der R-Type Themes EP erschienen ist. Auf iTunes und Amazon kann man jeweils auch 30 Sekunden vorhoeren.

  • Carlie

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