We are happy to introduce a new digital music release from Chris Huelsbeck Productions / synSONIQ Records: The "R-Type Themes EP" contains the theme music pieces of all the R-Type versions Chris Huelsbeck worked on–starting with the C64, followed by the Amiga and most recently on the iPhone. Included are recordings of the original computer hardware (the C64 Theme on this album was in fact recorded from the exact machine that was used to create the piece in 1989) as well as Remixes / Extended versions produced in the studio and also the live orchestral performance from the Symphonic Shades concert. Here's the cover art (with thanks to Kaspar Zenklusen) and the complete track listing:

1. R-Type C64 Theme (Original Sound Version) 2:27
2. R-Type Amiga Theme (Original Sound Version) 3:57
3. R-Type iPhone Theme (Original Sound Version) 0:47
4. R-Type C64 Theme (Relation SCT Arranged Version) 3:35
5. R-Type Amiga Theme (Arranged Version) 5:47
6. R-Type iPhone Theme (Extended) 4:09
7. R-Type Amiga Theme (Live Orchestra Version) 5:19

Total playing time: 26:01

Now available on R-Type Themes EP and Amazon.
(iTunes Germany / Amazon Germany)

Original Album Notes: This is a collection of theme music pieces for the C64, Amiga and iPhone versions of R-Type, the definitive arcade space shooter game from the late 80s. Produced by Chris Huelsbeck. Cover art by Kaspar Zenklusen. Thanks to Fabian Del Priore and Olav Sørensen for recording the originals from the classic C64 and Amiga computers.

Additional credits and thanks: Manus Buchart for the Electric Guitar on track 6; Relation Sound Composing Team for their beautiful C64 Remix; the WDR Rundfunk Orchestra Köln & FILMharmonic Choir Prague playing the amazing orchestral arrangement by Jonne Valtonen on track 7; Thomas Böcker for his support;  DotEmu for the awesome port and giving me the opportunity to produce the iPhone Theme! :)

R-Type Themes EP released!
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  • http://home.wtal.de/gmb Gerry

    Darauf hatte ich gewartet! Vielen Dank!

  • MamoruF

    Ich finde es toll, dass es endlich mal wieder einige Musikverffentlichungen von Chris gibt. Die Idee mit den digital vertriebenen EP`s finde ich eine tolle Sache.Leider besitze ich als Hlsbeck-Fan bereits die meisten Stcke der R-Type EP auf irgendwelchen anderen CDs. ;o)

  • Chris Huelsbeck

    Wer die anderen Stcke nicht nochmal mitkaufen will, kann ja gern nur die neuen Tracks einzeln erwerben. Das ist einer der Vorteile von einem Digitalvertrieb… :)

  • Wally

    I’ve sometimes listened to the title screen music from the Commodore 64 version of R-Type for over an hour straight. Your original title screen themes are absolutely wonderful, and quite honestly, I feel that the conversions produced by you and Ramiro Vaca for the C64 port were even better than the original arcade versions.Thank you for releasing this album!

  • http://twitter.com/sarahkreuz31 sarah

    Der Iphone “Extended” gefllt mir am besten. Wenn sich welche nur ein, zwei Tracks bei Amazon runter laden wollen, sollte der (als Empfehlung) auf jeden Fall dabei sein. Das Stck braucht aber ein paar Tage bis es “wchst”. War jedenfalls bei mir so der Fall. Well done, Chris.

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