GEM’X was a puzzle game on the Amiga computer, released around 1991. Super GEM’Z, the successor was never officially released due to the master disk being stolen at a trade show. A new game, which licensed the puzzle game elements and newly arranged music (including brand new tracks) is called Leona’s Tricky Adventures (available now on the Steam platform).

Here, for the first time is the complete soundtrack of the classic versions as well as the new tracks from Leona’s Tricky Adventures.

1. Leona’s Tricky Adventures Theme 03:58
2. Leona Amethyst 03:40
3. Leona Ruby 03:48
4. Leona Citrine 03:06
5. Leona Topaz 03:57
6. Fabian Del Priore – Leona Opal 03:45
7. Fabian Del Priore – Leona Map 02:23
8. Fabian Del Priore – Leona Dark Map 02:38
9. Leona Credits 03:17
10. GEM’X Title Theme (Arranged Version) 04:21
11. GEM’X Round A (New Arranged Version) 03:02
12. GEM’X Round B (New Arranged Version) 03:10
13. GEM’X Round C (New Arranged Version) 03:39
14. GEM’X Round A (Fabian Del Priore Bonus Remix) 02:14
15. GEM’X Title Theme (Original Sound Version) 04:13
16. GEM’X Round A (Original Sound Version) 02:46
17. GEM’X Round B (Original Sound Version) 02:58
18. GEM’X Round C (Original Sound Version) 02:58
19. GEM’X Credits (Original Sound Version) 02:32
20. Super GEM’Z Title Theme (Original Sound Version) 03:21
21. Super GEM’Z Ingame 1 (Original Sound Version) 01:58
22. Super GEM’Z Ingame 2 (Original Sound Version) 02:02
23. Super GEM’Z Ingame 3 (Original Sound Version) 01:26
24. Super GEM’Z Ingame 4 (Original Sound Version) 02:54
25. Super GEM’Z Ingame 5 (Original Sound Version) 01:35
26. Super GEM’Z Credits (Original Sound Version) 05:40


Leona’s Tricky Adventure is now available on Steam!

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Music by Chris Huelsbeck
Additional music by Fabian Del Priore

“Leona’s Tricky Adventures” is developed by KTX Software Development.
KTX Software Dev. is a Division of Signo y Arte P.G., S.L., Spain.
All rights reserved. Distributed by Signo & Arte Graphic Products.
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