This is the music of Infinite Space, an unreleased game project that was based on a major science fiction franchise! Chris Huelsbeck & Sound of Games are very happy to have gotten the blessing from the game producers to be able to release the soundtrack in this form. Even utilizing live orchestra by F.A.M.E.S. Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra (known for many Film, TV and Game music recordings), the score is now a virtual journey into the unknown frontiers of the universe.

  1. Infinite Space: Resurrection Theme
  2. Alliance Of The Planets Station
  3. Alliance – Search For The Unknown
  4. Alliance – Deep Space Exploration
  5. Alliance – The Captain’s Oath
  6. Alliance – Battle Stations
  7. Alliance – Bravery
  8. Alliance – Code Red
  9. Warriors Fortress
  10. Warriors – New Territories
  11. Warriors – The Need To Expand
  12. Warriors – Ancient Claims
  13. Warriors – Fight For Honor
  14. Warriors – Battle Blood
  15. Warriors – Vengeance
  16. At The Traders Bar
  17. Traders Outpost
  18. Infinite Space: Resurrection Theme (Proto Version)


With the full album, there are also bonus pictures of our orchestra recording session and an alternative cover artwork included.

© 2014 Chris Huelsbeck Productions / Sound of Games / Gameforge Productions / synSONIQ Records
Composed and produced by Chris Huelsbeck & Sound of Games
Orchestrations by Michael Stoeckemann and Adam Klemens
Cover Art by K. Zenklusen (RELATION SCT)