TouchFish Soundtrack EP Volume 3

TouchFish – Movie quality virtual pets in a build-your-own-world social experience like no other. Visit for more info.

TouchFish Soundtrack Vol. 3 is golden age Chiptunes from the budding era of video games. This is a loving tribute to our gamer roots, and this EP makes us smile every day.

1. Sparkling Digital Ocean 03:05
2. Bitcrushed Ice 03:09
3. Adorable CuteNES 03:07
4. Sid Delicious 03:05
5. Sprite On The Beach 03:03
6. Fish and Chips 03:14
7. NESting Sea Birds 03:01
8. Ode To Johann Sebastian (SID Orchestra Mix) 03:16


TouchFish is available on iOS!

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Composed, mixed and mastered by Chris Huelsbeck

© 2015 Touchfactor Inc.

  • Gordon Kelly

    You’ve still got it! When I was a kid I painstakingly recorded every Turrican 2 track to a cassette tape and used to play it really quietly at night hoping my parents wouldn’t hear me. Amazing stuff Chris!