The latest edition of the successful Amiga Immortal CD series is now available. Immortal 4 contains 2 full CDs of amazing brand new studio produced arranged music of well known Amiga game titles, often by the original composers of the classics. Unfortunately I wasn't able to contribute directly this time due to other commitments, but nevertheless included is a cool new rendition of "The Desert Rocks" from Turrican 2, arranged by Daniel White. On a side note: The double CD was mastered by Pauler Acoustics, which was the same studio that finalized most of my CDs. The amount of detail and love that was put into this production is awesome and unprecedented – it's really a must have for Amiga music lovers! :)

From the Producers Website:

After being in the making for more than 4 years, the 4th volume in the "Immortal" series is finally here! This massive double CD set has a playing time of 157+ minutes and can now be ordered from the MAZ Sound Tools online shop. You will also find preview clips for all of the 35 tracks on their website. The new album features arranged music from these games:

Atomino, Benefactor, Big Run, Cannon Fodder, Capital Punishment, Dangerous Streets, F17 Challenge, Fascination, Final Fight, First Samurai, Flashback, Flink, Fury of the Furries, Future Wars, Gauntlet 3: The Final Quest, Jaguar XJ220, LED Storm, Leisure Suit Larry, Lemmings, Liberation: Captive 2, Paradroid 90, Puggsy, T-Zero, Tales from Heaven, TFX, Turrican 2, Ultimate Body Blows, Walker, Wing Commander, Wolfchild, Zarathrusta, Zeewolf, Zeewolf 2: Wild Justice

Spotlight: Immortal 4 Album released
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  • Pierre

    Awesome! Mine is on its way, kann es noch kaum erwarten! :)

  • Mahen

    Immortal 4 is another impressive accomplishment. Who could have thought that more than 15 years after the demise of Commodore, the original cult musicians of the plateform would still be around, with more experience equipment than ever, but still faithful to what they did in the past ?Those aren’t your average music remixes. The quality level is extremely high ; everyone should support this project to make a 5th volume possible !