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Introducing “The Piano Collection” Album and Limited Edition Biographical Score Book of Chris Huelsbeck’s Greatest Hits!

With the help of over 1400 fans through Kickstarter we have now created The Chris Huelsbeck Piano Album & The Limited Edition Biographical Score Book. The album is featuring a selection of Chris Huelsbeck’s greatest hits, performed by Patrick Nevian as wonderful piano renditions.

2016 End of Year Holiday Special:

For the 2016 Holiday season we have an exciting bundle for you to consider:


As you can see in the picture, the bundle includes (aside from the awesome Piano Collection limited edition Score Book and CD) some generous gifts from our good friends from Factor 5: A mouse pad signed by Factor 5 members and a sticker, as well as a little surprise parcel (and you also get the PDF version of the book and a Bandcamp download code for the digital album release right away). The price for this unique package is 130 Euro plus shipping. Since this is a special limited deal, please contact me personally for availability, payment and shipping and we will do our best to get you the goodies as fast as possible.

We also have a similar deal on the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Project (and if you’re interested we can talk about bundling the offers to save you shipping costs), please check out this page: http://www.turricansoundtrack.com/shop/

The Piano Collection digital Album and Score Book is now available–order here!

I’m very excited about this project which I had planned for a very long time! And with all your help and my excellent team we will be able to make history again!- Chris Huelsbeck

For the first time, Chris Huelsbeck’s music will also be available as downloadable sheet music and A Limited Edition Premium Printed and Bound Biographical Score Book! This first edition of 500 limited Score books will be numbered and signed in order of the pledges received and with the higher pledge levels from $119 you’ll also get your CD numbered and signed [001-100]!

Pianist Patrick Nevian was our perfect choice to arrange and perform the music, since he is a big fan of Chris Huelsbeck’s music and had already released a number of fantastic piano renditions of classic Amiga game soundtracks. His natural talent and understanding of the music makes the album recordings shine. Aside from running the audio production of the album, Chris will of course also be supervising and discuss the evolving arrangements with Patrick. Together they will make sure that they turn out absolutely perfect.

Chris’ long term partners in orchestral game music Sound of Games are responsible for the realisation of the Score Book including the Biographical Content for which Audun Sørlie will provide the text.


The first edition of the Score Book will be strictly limited to 500 copies and individually numbered and signed. Higher pledge levels will receive lower numbers. The order of pledges will be tracked so that the first backers will again get the lowest number in their reward category.

Piano Book First Page ExampleScore Book Numbered & Signed Example

THE CHRIS HUELSBECK STORY will be an essential part of the Score Book; it will contain never-before published autobiographical material about Chris. Read about the inspirations behind his compositions, how he started making music in his childhood, and his musical path that included inventing his own music technology that brought him on top of the C64, Amiga and many game audio productions (for all of which he ultimately received a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Game Audio Network Guild).

Each piece’s story contains photos and screenshots of Chris and his work.

BookshotScore Book inside mockup

THE SHEET MUSIC is transcribed in detail, as performed by Patrick Nevian. Each piece also includes a second score for beginners, so that players of all levels can enjoy playing Chris’ music. Even those who aren’t trained musicians can enjoy and visually follow along with the scores while listening to the Album, and get an impression about the passionate arrangements.

This is the very first time in game music history that scores of a game music composer will be published in such a detailed way!

Sound of Games have more than 15 years of experience in writing score music. Over the years they worked with Chris on several projects, and they will take care to bring about a perfect experience in Chris’ story and the sheet music.

The Album

The piano is such a fantastic instrument to showcase music in its purest form. With no big sound or orchestration to hide behind, the music has to stand on its own. However, it is an exceptionally expressive instrument that can take the listener on incredible musical journeys.

Patrick Nevian is an experienced performer and recording artist of two Amiga Piano Albums and also produces his own band. In close collaboration with Chris, he will transform the music into a new exciting listening experience. Here are 2 previews from our first recording sessions:

The Great Bath preview excerpt:

R-Type Theme preview excerpt:


The final album recordings will be produced to the highest standards in our state-of-the-art studios and also professionally mastered.

CD+MockupCD Mockup

Special CDs of this kind are becoming a rarity these days (and the first one hundred of these will also be numbered [001-100] and signed), so make sure to reserve yours before they are gone. Included are pieces from The Great Giana Sisters, Turrican, Apidya, R-Type, Gem’X, Extreme Assault, Jim Power and more, including surprises that will be revealed at a later date in the campaign.

Vinyl-offen12″ Double Vinyl Mock-Up

The regular cost of the Vinyl will be $100, however for backers who have secured a Limited Edition Score Book ($59 level or higher),
the Vinyl will be exclusively discounted by 50% for a total of only $50 added to your pledge.

Very Important for Kickstarter Backers:
In order to keep your reward level, which ensures your specific numbered and signed Limited Edition Score Book, we can not just give you another reward level to switch to–
that’s why you will have to upgrade manually by raising your pledge amount and keep your reward selection!
(for Paypal backers, there is a separate upgrade button, if you already pre-ordered your Limited Edition Score Book)

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team-2Team: Chris Huelsbeck, Patrick Nevian, Audun Sørlie, Michael Stoeckemann & Filipp Issa (Sound Of Games)