Reserve your limited edition box set now – only available until June 3rd, 2012!

Our new project for the 20th anniversary of the Turrican Soundtrack is on its way to become one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns for music albums. With 24 days left in the fundraiser, the project total already stands at over $117,000 (or %156 of the originally planned) production budget.

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology 4 CD Box Set Demo

Featuring a cosmic hero in a silver battlesuit, the »Turrican« series of games brought nonstop action to all gaming systems of the 80’s and 90’s, including C64 and Amiga, Atari ST and PC, as well as Genesis and Super Nintendo. The beautiful synthesizer scores for these games were created by Chris Huelsbeck, arguably one of today’s most popular game music composers in the world. Huelsbeck’s soundtracks certainly played a major role in shaping »Turrican« into a digital legend over the years.

Almost 20 years have passed since the last game in the series was released, but Chris has big plans to bring »Turrican« back from retirement –at least musically– with the production of the »Turrican Soundtrack Anthology«: The idea behind this is an epic limited edition box set of four CDs, which will feature almost every melody from the saga in newly arranged and recorded versions (including titles like »Concerto for Laser and Enemies«, »Metal Stars«, »Hall of Heroes«, as well as full length versions of all main titles and end-credits!).  While this box set is bound to please every synthesizer music fan out there, new bonus recordings with the WDR Radio Orchestra are also lined up for the project, to be realised in the context of a new symphonic game music concert in November and supervised by the producers of the acclaimed »Symphonic Shades – Huelsbeck in Concert« event and album.

In order to realize these ambitious plans, Chris Huelsbeck is asking his fans to support him in a Kickstarter campaign to make the »Turrican Soundtrack Anthology« become a reality. »This project is a personal dream of mine and now, with the funding already secured, it is going to be an incredible production for the 20th anniversary of the original Turrican Soundtrack Album!«



Aside from the finished CDs, supporters of the project can get their hands on numerous goodies like a vinyl single record, a USB Stick with the original game sound versions, posters, t-shirts and »Turrican« ringtones for their mobiles.

The funding campaign and chance to get one of the limited edition box sets ends on June 3rd. More info about the project and alternative funding options like Paypal are available on

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Kickstarter Project!
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  • Patrick

    Any chance there will be another collection like this, even if not as fancy or limited?You know, for those of us who loved the game your music but had no idea such an amazing thing was in the works?! Ugh! I’d pay $30 for a digital download even! Please consider something but I understand how hard it can be to do something like this.Cheers and thanks for the music!

  • Admin

    Yes, a digital download version of the soundtrack is planned to be released some time after the shipping of the real box set to the backers of the project.

  • Jonatan

    I had no idea that this was underway. I would gladly have backed the project, and I’m sad to see that there’s no way I can get any of the special box sets or the special USB stick. But it’s great to see that the project is successfully funded!

  • Adrian

    I only just saw the fundraiser and that it was closed. Will I be able to purchase a 3 CD boxed set when those who have pledged have got theirs? I have been listening to the Bitjam podcast and I’m addicted…

  • Admin

    Pete: Very sorry, but we promised the supporters of the Kickstarter campaign, that the 4 CD edition box set will be exclusive for them and not manufactured again. If there is any chance for physical CDs of the material in the future in a different form (for example a 2 CD compilation that leaves out some tracks), we can’t say at the moment (CD manufacturing and storage costs are too high these days compared to the uncertainty of being able to sell them in a reasonable time). But we are also looking into CD-on-demand solutions. Another option would be the second hand market, because some backers have opted to receive several box sets and there is a chance that they might sell them later, but they will likely be expensive collectible items.

  • Pete

    I wanted ask too is there going to be another physical edition release? I just found out now that you make new Turrican soundtrack. I got all your previously released CDs so Im relly intrested get this one too. (Im not fan of digital editions)

  • Jeu Azarru

    I bought Turrican OST CD a lot of years ago, from Bjorn Lynnes Site, and Im proud of it: it was one of the best CDs I bought in my entire life. Not only recalls the original Amiga Music, but also it was re-arranged and made it even better.I dont know if i will be able to buy this new edition, but Im sure its a must for collectors and everyone who likes synthetized and instrumental music, even if they didnt played the game 20 years ago. Turrican, by the way, was my first game on my newly bought Amiga, back in 1991, and I enjoyed it so much!

  • Gerhard

    Pity, I completely missed the Kickstarter campaign… :(The Turrican Soundtrack is still my all time favorite of all, can’t count how often I’ve heard the Medley :)Is there still a chance to get the digital edition someday?Cheers,Gerhard

  • Admin

    The digital edition is available now on Bandcamp: