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    […] Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Now Available On Bandcamp If you havent played any of the Turrican games yet, whats wrong with you?! With certain exceptions, Id say they all rank among the best side-scrollers ever. Oh and the music the sweet music. Much as I love the instrumentals from the likes of Zelda, Mario and Mega Man, they dont hold a candle to this stuff. Dont believe me? Go on and sample the selection then. […]

  • https://twitter.com/Foamed1 Foamed

    Hi and Merry Christmas.Is it possible to purchase all the albums in one single big pack? Purchasing every album in the Turrican Anthology seems a bit anti-productive. If not then I’ll get them anyway, but it’s nice to have one big download and folder instead of several smaller ones (just my personal opinion).Many thanks in advance and have a great holiday. :)

  • Admin

    There is a coupon for a (discounted) bundle (all 4 volumes) at http://www.turricansoundtrack.com/shop, but youll still have to download them separately (Bandcamp has no option to bundle releases). The downloads go pretty fast though 😉

  • Steffen

    Hi Chris,wann kann man Teil 1 und 4 aus Spotify hren? Die Lieder sind klasse!Danke!VG Steffen

  • Admin

    Vol. 1 und 4 haetten auch laengst drauf sein sollen, aber vielleicht sind die Jungs wegen den ganzen Feiertagen etwas ueberlastet gewesen… sollte hoffentlich bald auftauchen.

  • http://www.scarforlife.com Alexandre

    Fantastic job. What happened to Vol.1 on Spotify? I can’t find it :(All the best,Alex

  • Admin

    It’s still coming… they are just slow.

  • Ken M

    Any chance you will publish sheet music (Piano) for turrican 2?Midis can be made into sheet music but it is missing something!

  • Admin

    Some Piano scores of my music are in the works, but it may still take a while.