Cubase Trick #1 Use midi send slots without actually loading a midi plugin to build layered sounds playing up to 5 VSTi’s from one track. Just select a midi output (can be a VSTi or hardware midi out) for any of the 4 slots and enable them. Of course you can load a midi plugin if you want to manipulate the midi (like the “MIDI Modifiers” plugin if you want to transpose the output for example).
Trick #1 addendum: Another way to create layered sounds is to use folder tracks. However there are pros and cons to each option:

A positive for the folder tracks is, that you can have as many tracks as you want and each track has their own track controls (I use transpose often for layered sounds), but it adds a bit of clutter (lot’s of tracks and each one has their own parts recorded, so when you have to edit the notes, you need to edit all parts or create shared copies by hand).

With the other technique (using the midi sends) you only have to deal with one part, so it’s easier to edit and removes clutter, but there is a small bug in Cubase that mutes the sends when using solo, so in solo mode you’ll only hear the main VSTi/midi output.

Using midi sends to build layered sounds
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  • Lewis Chilton

    I have to admit this is a pretty impressive technique and even though it’s very late I’m gonna have to get on that right now :), thanks for the advise man!