Hey everyone. So as you can see, the website has now gotten a makeover. I figured with so many new and exciting projects coming up in the next few weeks, that why not also reflect that with a brand new webpage to keep all the fans updated and excited with me. Not only that, but you might also notice that there is a new logo on display. Vivianne Ducharme, who also did most of the work on the redesign, came up with this fun logo that is instantly recognizable and memorable.

There is a brand new Credits section set up with a more complete overview of all my projects in chronological order, and the news section will be much more frequently updated. Every Saturday, I play through classic games with Audi on Twitch for our show Retro-Spielen which has been a big success for us. On the front page, you can always stay up to date on upcoming and newly released titles, and I also suggest signing up for the newsletter on the bottom of the page for news updates sent directly to your inbox.  In the near future we are also setting up a new shop with music and other merchandise, and I am currently working on a streaming license overview that will make all you Youtube players happy.

With projects such as NUREN, The Piano Collection, Retro-Spielen and dozens of other unannounced projects on the near horizon, there is so much in store for all of you. For all my fans that have followed me for all these years, thanks so much for your loyalty and friendship. To all new fans that will discover me through these many new projects, go check out Retro-Spielen to check out my catalog of games. It’s busier than ever here, and you guys haven’t seen anything yet! :)

Welcome to the new Huelsbeck.com
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