I am proud to announce that ZombieSmash! has been released for iPhone/iPod Touch in the Appstore! Also, there are numerous reviews showing up all over the web, including this one on a site called appadvice, which praises the music and sound: "The included soundtrack is deluxe to say the least which mixes a horror theme with a little action to get you in the mood to do the zombie smash. Then there are the various zombie groans, and of course the bone cracking of each smashed zombie that sounds oh so painful." Rating 5/5 :)

ZombieSmash released and reviews
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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15728164711450804392 anthony

    Hell Chris, just another Fan from Spain saying hello. 35 years old, still get excited listening to the music you made for Turrican II.You did an outstanding job with that music. For me its a reference to what good music is and should be.Cheersanthony (t) cyberneticos dot com

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12541989672763841673 EoS

    Hi Chris, congrats on the great music and sound artwork on ZombieSmash!. It fits perfect into the mood and is a huge boost to the game.I was 8 y/o as I first read your name, in the good old C64-Giana Sisters scrolly. Currently Im listening to Symphonic Shapes, deeply impressed of your amazing talent. Wishing the best to you, keep on the good work!