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Chris Huelsbeck Productions offers full orchestral scores and first-class electronic compositions as well as many other music styles for Games, Film & TV projects of any size and budget. Our more than 25 years of experience in the industry will help to make your project stand out, with highly memorable melodies and amazing soundscapes. From large orchestra recording to programmed soundtracks for a hand-held console or mobile phones, we can provide any kind of music production and sound effects for your project. Supported platforms include all major Video Game Systems, PC, Flash and Facebook, iPhone / iPad and Android utilizing any audio software / middle-ware. Listen to our music demos and feel free to contact us!

Limited TSA CD album reserve units available.

A very small number of the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology CD album reserve units is now available. Grab it while you still can – these will not last and this limited edition 4CD compilation will never be manufactured again! More about this here.

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology now available on Bandcamp

We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Vol. 1-4 on Bandcamp (FLAC, MP3 and other formats, including the complete PDF Booklet/Liner Notes):

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Kickstarter Project!

Reserve your limited edition box set now – only available until June 3rd, 2012!

Our new project for the 20th anniversary of the Turrican Soundtrack is on its way to become one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns for music albums. With 24 days left in the fundraiser, the project total already stands at over $117,000 (or %156 of the originally planned) production budget.

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology 4 CD Box Set Demo

Featuring a cosmic hero in a silver battlesuit, the »Turrican« series of games brought nonstop action to all gaming systems of the 80’s and 90’s, including C64 and Amiga, Atari ST and PC, as well as Genesis and Super Nintendo. The beautiful synthesizer scores for these games were created by Chris Huelsbeck, arguably one of today’s most popular game music composers in the world. Huelsbeck’s soundtracks certainly played a major role in shaping »Turrican« into a digital legend over the years.

Almost 20 years have passed since the last game in the series was released, but Chris has big plans to bring »Turrican« back from retirement –at least musically– with the production of the »Turrican Soundtrack Anthology«: The idea behind this is an epic limited edition box set of four CDs, which will feature almost every melody from the saga in newly arranged and recorded versions (including titles like »Concerto for Laser and Enemies«, »Metal Stars«, »Hall of Heroes«, as well as full length versions of all main titles and end-credits!).  While this box set is bound to please every synthesizer music fan out there, new bonus recordings with the WDR Radio Orchestra are also lined up for the project, to be realised in the context of a new symphonic game music concert in November and supervised by the producers of the acclaimed »Symphonic Shades – Huelsbeck in Concert« event and album.

In order to realize these ambitious plans, Chris Huelsbeck is asking his fans to support him in a Kickstarter campaign to make the »Turrican Soundtrack Anthology« become a reality. »This project is a personal dream of mine and now, with the funding already secured, it is going to be an incredible production for the 20th anniversary of the original Turrican Soundtrack Album!«

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Kickstarter Page

Aside from the finished CDs, supporters of the project can get their hands on numerous goodies like a vinyl single record, a USB Stick with the original game sound versions, posters, t-shirts and »Turrican« ringtones for their mobiles.

The funding campaign and chance to get one of the limited edition box sets ends on June 3rd. More info about the project and alternative funding options like Paypal are available on turricansoundtrack.com

Piano sheet music now available!

Big news! :) I’m collaborating on a Piano Album to be released some time soon, featuring some of the best know music pieces from my career. Along with it (and as requested by many fans over the years), I will release the sheet music of all the music from the Album in 2 editions; for beginner and intermediate players. The first of those pieces (Giana Sisters) including excerpts of the arrangement and performance by Patrick Nevian is now available in both editions here:


Thanks also to Michael Stoeckemann (Sound of Games) for the score preparation!

Chris Huelsbeck releases free music for his Twitter Fans!

Check out ‘hashtags’, a new track released by Chris Huelsbeck as a thank you for his Twitter fans and reaching 1000 followers:

New iOS game – GeoDrop is here!

A brand new iOS game with our music and sound has been released. GeoDrop is an addictive puzzle game:

Developer notes:

Release: December 20th 2011
Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Developer: Stefan Kögler
Music produced by: Chris Huelsbeck
Price: $0.99

Tired of always the same match-3 puzzle games? Here is the new challenge: Create clusters of blocks with the same color. 2 stars inside the cluster removes the cluster. Special blocks like bombs or joker helps you to accomplish this mission. To make the game harder: After some blocks a new row of blocks appear from the bottom of the playfield.

Classic: More and more colors, bombs and joker blocks – the full program!
Hardcore: The purist mode for the Constructors’ experts: Constant 4 colors – No special stones. But level rise is faster.
Action: Same as hardcore, but with 3 minutes time limit: For the little break in between.

- Game Center Achievements: Get all 1000 points!
- Game Center Leaderboard for each game mode.
- 3 Exclusive music tracks produced by Chris Huelsbeck
- Universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
- Full HD / Retina graphics support


“The War of the Worlds” Game is released!

Since today, our project “The War of the Worlds”, by Paramount Digital Entertainment and developed by Other Ocean Interactive is available on Xbox Live. The game features narration by Sir Patrick Stewart, who is best known for his role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Chris Huelsbeck Productions created a brand new music soundtrack for the game in collaboration with Sound of Games and we even recorded a full live orchestra in Macedonia. More info about the game and trailer videos can be found on the official Website: http://www.waroftheworldsgame.com

Banner Picture of The War of the Worlds Game

Appearance scheduled at SoundTrack_Cologne

I’m very happy to announce that I’m invited to appear and speak at a special conference about Music & Soundtracks (mainly for Film, but now also for Games) in Cologne in early November. More details about the event are available on the official website: http://www.soundtrackcologne.de/

Subsolar Soundtrack EP released!

It’s time for another Soundtrack EP, this time for the Subsolar iPhone/iPad Game by Tenshi Noir that came out earlier this year. It contains all the music pieces from the game and an additional remix medley as well as a cool bonus piece by our friends “Relation Sound Composing Team” from Switzerland. Thanks also to Manus Buchart for the guitar recording and Tenshi Noir / Flowermilk for the awesome cover artwork!

1 Subsolar Menu Theme 2:14
2 Subsolar Mission 2:33
3 Subsolar Survival 3:16
4 Subsolar Victory 0:50
5 Subsolar (RSCT Medley Remix) 6:00
6 Under Direction (RSCT Bonus Mix) 4:52

You can get it on Amazon and many other online music sites:

http://www.amazon.com/Subsolar-Soundtrack-EP/dp/B005IKZBZG (USA)
http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B005ILZBR8 (Germany)


http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/subsolar-soundtrack-ep/id460518153 (USA)
http://itunes.apple.com/de/album/subsolar-soundtrack-ep/id460518153 (Germany)

Spotlight: Immortal 4 Album released

The latest edition of the successful Amiga Immortal CD series is now available. Immortal 4 contains 2 full CDs of amazing brand new studio produced arranged music of well known Amiga game titles, often by the original composers of the classics. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to contribute directly this time due to other commitments, but nevertheless included is a cool new rendition of “The Desert Rocks” from Turrican 2, arranged by Daniel White. On a side note: The double CD was mastered by Pauler Acoustics, which was the same studio that finalized most of my CDs. The amount of detail and love that was put into this production is awesome and unprecedented – it’s really a must have for Amiga music lovers! :)

From the Producers Website:

After being in the making for more than 4 years, the 4th volume in the “Immortal” series is finally here! This massive double CD set has a playing time of 157+ minutes and can now be ordered from the MAZ Sound Tools online shop. You will also find preview clips for all of the 35 tracks on their website. The new album features arranged music from these games:

Atomino, Benefactor, Big Run, Cannon Fodder, Capital Punishment, Dangerous Streets, F17 Challenge, Fascination, Final Fight, First Samurai, Flashback, Flink, Fury of the Furries, Future Wars, Gauntlet 3: The Final Quest, Jaguar XJ220, LED Storm, Leisure Suit Larry, Lemmings, Liberation: Captive 2, Paradroid 90, Puggsy, T-Zero, Tales from Heaven, TFX, Turrican 2, Ultimate Body Blows, Walker, Wing Commander, Wolfchild, Zarathrusta, Zeewolf, Zeewolf 2: Wild Justice