Chris Huelsbeck Productions offers high quality music ranging from elaborate electronic compositions to full orchestral scores as well as many other music styles for Games, Film and TV projects of any size and budget. Our more than 25 years of experience in the industry will help to make your project stand out, with highly memorable melodies and amazing soundscapes.



The Turrican Soundtrack Anthology takes music from across the Turrican series and re-imagines it with upgraded sounds. But don’t let that scare tried and true fans of the classic Turrican scores, as these new renditions are still retro to the core with their catchy melodies intact, fantastic bass synths, and rocking electronic hybrids that are a retro game music fan’s dream.

Jayson Napolitano (Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Review)

I think similar to Nobuo Uematsu, Chris Huelsbeck is a real ‘melody maker’. So I guess what got my attention first were his catchy compositions that really encouraged me to keep playing the games. His tracks are so motivating, and some of the games featuring his soundtracks I just bought for this purpose: being able to listen to his compositions.

Thomas Böcker (Video game symphony producer)