Chris Huelsbeck Biography

Chris Huelsbeck is an award winning composer and sound designer working mainly in the video games industry for well over 25 years. Having provided high quality music and sound for over 80 projects, Chris made himself a name not only with the fans, but also as a trusted contractor. He creates very memorable music ranging from elaborate electronic compositions to full orchestral scores as well as many other music styles. Credits include projects like the Star Wars Rogue Squadron Series, Turrican, Tunnel B1, Extreme Assault, War of the Worlds, Doctor Who: Legacy and Symphonic Shades, a 70 minute full orchestral concert and CD release covering Huelsbeck’s work of more than 25 years. His latest achievement is one of the highest funded music Kickstarter campaigns in recent history for his Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Project, which was extremely well received by his fans and won the best compilation soundtrack award on

Born 1968 in Kassel / Germany, Chris Huelsbeck found himself dedicated to music at a very young age and started piano lessons with his Grandmother, a well respected piano teacher. Soon he composed his first original music pieces. At age 14 he acquired his first computer, the legendary Commodore 64, and started to learn various programming languages while still playing and composing music. A few years later he won the first prize in a computer-music contest hosted by a famous German computer magazine. This was the beginning of his career as a professional composer for computer and video game soundtracks. Always set on pushing the envelope, Chris has established himself as a steady force in Video Game Audio.

Chris Huelsbeck currently lives near San Francisco with his wife and 2 fluffy cats.

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